Brooklyn, NY - May, 2012 – “We are generalists in world of specialists”, Architectural Professor Robert Zagaroli III, explained in episode 1 of Inside The Phoenix podcast.  


ITP is a one on one interview show moderated by architectural professional, Warren Wade Anderson. The show was born out of a concern for the place of Artists, Architects and Design, in the wake rapidly changing technologies and the ever present world financial crisis.  In December of 2011 when he sat down to write down his intent for the show: 

“Stewards of the built environment, Architects, Artist, and Designers, are currently in the midst of a paradigm shift. Digital Technologies have pushed these endeavors from a tactile to a virtual means of working.  Recent history is replete with precedent examples, most notably, in the music and printing industries. The dissemination of music in its listening and visual form has made the shift from vinyl albums and CDs to music downloads and music editing software. The bounded book has evolved from its many derivations of the Gutenberg press to writing software and the electronic book.  Like the aforementioned examples, these Stewards, have also switched to digital tools.  These tools have helped them to streamline some aspects of their work and also to communicate their ideas in much vivid details.  As these tools become increasingly accessible to people not trained in these endeavors, what will be the new roles of Architects, Artists and Designers?  Like the legend of the phoenix, will they be reborn from the ashes of change?”  Since then, the show has taken on a life of its own, growing with a diverse chorus of creative voices.